09.05.2018: Notification of news according to article 17 MAR

solidare alters its investment focus

Malta, 9. May 2018: solidare real estate holding plc, Malta («solidare») (ISIN: MT0000580101, WKN: MT0000580101, symbol: SRH, "Company")notifies that its Board of Directors resolved to alter the investment focus of the company today.

The new investment strategy of the company consists of the acquisitions of key market players in suitable industries, where implementation of blockchain technology with the relevant support and hands-on management can create value. As a part of the immediate strategy implementation, the company acquires 100% shares in Samarion S.E., Düsseldorf ("Samarion"), which in turn holds 35.5% shares and 53.05% voting rights in gamigo AG, Hamburg, one of the leading companies in the field of online gaming in Europe. The purchase price of EUR 62 million was paid by way of several promissory notes, of which EUR 42 million were fulfilled at closing and the remainder to be fulfilled in shares and cash. Further, the seller was granted an option on 20 million shares of the Company at a price of EUR 1.20 per share, to be issued by the company.

In parallel, the management of the company decided today to accept an offer of Suryoyo Holding GmbH, a company of the former majority shareholder Mr. Zeki Yigit, and sell all the shares of the Company’s subsidiary solidare real estate holding GmbH, in which the real estate business of the company is bundled, to Suryoyo Holding GmbH. The purchase price amounts to EUR 42.93 million. All valuation reports have been established by independent experts. The purchase contracts have been consummated today.

As a further result of these transactions, the shareholder structure of the company has been changed significantly. The former majority shareholder Suryoyo Holding GmbH, controlled by the company's CEO Mr. Zeki Yigit, has sold its majority stake in the company for a total purchase price amounted to EUR 42 million. The company has been informed that this participation is now held by Bodhivas GmbH (75.98%), the seller of Samarion, and Mr. René Müller (9.80%), a member of Board of Directors of the company.

As a result of the change in the business model and the related disposal of his indirect participation in the Company, Mr. Zeki Yigit, resigned from his functions as a member of the Board of Directors and CEO of the Company as of today. For this reason, the management of the Company called for an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting, at which Mr. Remco Westermann (the indirect shareholder of Bodhivas GmbH and CEO of gamigo AG) shall be elected to the Board of Directors of the company. In addition, in this shareholders’ meeting the name of the company will be changed to "blockescence plc".

emitter: solidare real estate holding plc, St. Christopher Street 168,VLT 1467 Valetta, Malta
contact person: René Müller
Phone: +356 / 21 22 75 53
Fax: +356 / 21 22 76 67
EMail: info@solidare.de
Internet: www.solidare.de
ISIN(s): MT0000580101
Exchanges: basic board in Frankfurt

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